Accepted Papers

  • Balder ten Cate, Phokion Kolaitis, Kun Qian and Wang-Chiew Tan. Approximation Algorithms for Schema-Mapping Discovery from Data Examples
  • Thomas Lukasiewicz, Maria Vanina Martinez, Andreas Pieris and Gerardo Simari. From Classical to Consistent Query Answering under Existential Rules
  • Meghyn Bienvenu, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus. Navigational Queries Based on Frontier-Guarded Datalog
  • Gosta Grahne, Ali Moallemi and Adrian Onet. Intuitionistic Data Exchange
  • Andrea Cali, Davide Martinenghi and Riccardo Torlone. Keyword Search in the Deep Web
  • Molham Aref, Benny Kimelfeld, Emir Pasalic and Nikolaos Vasiloglou. Extending Datalog with Predictive Analytics in LogicBlox
  • Shqiponja Ahmetaj, Wolfgang Fischl, Reinhard Pichler, Mantas Simkus and Sebastian Skritek. Towards Reconciling SPARQL and Certain Answers
  • Pablo Barceló, Reinhard Pichler and Sebastian Skritek. Efficient Evaluation of Well-designed Pattern Trees
  • Benjamin Bustos and Aidan Hogan. IMGpedia: A Proposal to Enrich DBpedia with Image Meta-Data
  • Jaroslaw Szlichta, Lukasz Golab and Divesh Srivastava. On Axiomatization and Inference Complexity over a Hierarchy of Functional Dependencies
  • Juan Reutter, Miguel Romero and Moshe Vardi. Regular Queries on Graph Databases
  • Balder Ten Cate, Benny Kimelfeld and Dan Olteanu. PPDL: Probabilistic Programming with Datalog
  • Mostafa Milani and Leopoldo Bertossi. Tractable Query Answering and Optimization for Extensions of Weakly-Sticky Datalog±
  • Sergio Abriola, Santiago Figueira and Maria Emilia Descotte. Saturation, Definability, and Separation for XPath on Data Trees
  • Marco Calautti, Georg Gottlob and Andreas Pieris. Chase Termination for Guarded Existential Rules
  • Luigi Bellomarini, Paolo Atzeni and Luca Cabibbo. Data integration with many heterogeneous sources and dynamic target schemas
  • Luiz Fernando Carvalho, Alberto Laender and Wagner Meira Jr.. Entity Matching: A Case Study on the Medical Domain
  • Benny Kimelfeld and Christopher Re. A Database Framework for Classifier Engineering
  • Teresa Bracamonte and Barbara Poblete. Query concepts discovery through community detection: A preliminar study.
  • Theresa Csar, Reinhard Pichler, Emanuel Sallinger and Vadim Savenkov. Using Statistics for Computing Joins with MapReduce
  • Nicolás Lehmann and Jorge Pérez. Implementing Graph Query Languages over Compressed Data Structures: A Progress Report
  • Maurizio Lenzerini, Lorenzo Lepore and Antonella Poggi. Rethinking punning: a new semantics for OWL 2 QL
  • Marco Calautti, Sergio Greco, Cristian Molinaro and Irina Trubitsyna. Rewriting-based Check of Chase Termination
  • Carlos Buil Aranda, Marcelo Arenas, Martín Ugarte and Michel Dumontier. A preliminary investigation into SPARQL query complexity and federation in Bio2RDF
  • Diego Calvanese, Marco Montali, Fabio Patrizi and Andrey Rivkin. Implementing Data-Centric Dynamic Systems over a Relational DBMS
  • Vanessa Peña-Araya, Mauricio Quezada and Bárbara Poblete. Proposal for Presentation: Tool for Exploratory Analysis of News Events on Social Media
  • Alejandro Flores, María-Esther Vidal and Guillermo Palma. Exploiting Semantics to Predict Potential Novel Links from Densest Subgraphs
  • Matteo Interlandi and Letizia Tanca. On the CALM Principle for BSP Computation
  • Juan F. Sequeda and Claudio Gutierrez. How to Explore an Unknown SPARQL Endpoint?
  • Olaf Hartig. LDQL: A Language for Linked Data Queries
  • Ricardo Mora and Claudio Gutierrez. Random Walk Closeness Centrality Satisfies Boldi-Vigna Axioms
  • Jose Miguel Herrera, Barbara Poblete and Denis Parra. Ranking by Interest in Twitter Question and Answer Threads
  • Urique Hoffmann, Moises Carvalho and Altigran S. Da Silva. Finding Similar Products in E-commerce Sites Based on Attributes
  • Martin Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Alexander Schätzle and Adrian Lange. TriAL-QL: Distributed Processing of Navigational Queries
  • Juan L. Reutter, Martin Ugarte and Domagoj Vrgoc. Satisfiability of JSON Schema and Instance Validation
  • Shahan Khatchadourian and Mariano P. Consens. Fast Multi-Core Construction of Bisimulation Summaries of Large Graphs
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